Rowoco Shows Colorful New Boxed Program

Rowoco Inc is introducing new packaging for its kitchen supplies. The boxed sets will group related items and feature attractive graphics illustrating the products and their use. The packaging strategy should help to increase impulse sales, because of the perceived value of boxed sets. Most of the sets will retail for $15 to $20, and the initial selection of three may be expanded to 28 by the end of 1993.

WOODRIDGE, Ill.– Rowoco, the kitchen gadgets supplier to leading department and specialty stores, is unveiling a new boxed merchandising program which will emphasize colorful graphics on packages of kitchen tools and gadgets sets.

The goal, said William Travers, vice president of sales and marketing for Rowoco, is to increase impulse sales while offering an item carrying a higher price point for retailers.


The first three sets in the series started shipping this month, and Rowoco has plans for up to 28 different boxed sets by year’s end.

“Boxed programs are important to our business because they drive up the retail price point, and a higher sale at the cash register is something all retailers are looking for today,” said Travers. “It is an element of the business that probably comprises as much as 30 to 35 percent of a gadget company’s overall sales.”

Rowoco made a deliberate attempt to keep price points on the boxed sets “very moderate,” Travers said. Recommended retail prices are below $25 on all of the sets, with the bulk being in the $15 to $20 range.

Rowoco still relies heavily on its more common blister card packaging, but Travers said Rowoco’s former box programs lacked the exciting graphics available in the new program, which marks Rowoco’s strongest commitment to boxed presentations to date.

“One of the weaknesses of Rowoco in the past has been boxed gadgets,” Travers said. “We took a very serious look at that this past spring.”

The new packaging is “very upscale looking,” according to Travers. The graphics illustrate both the quality level of the product and the specific use of each implement. A full explanation of each product and its use is featured on the back panel along with a recipe.

“The initial response to the program has been phenomenal, and the quality of the packaging seems to be our strongest point,” said Travers.

The set configurations will vary between the 28 planned SKUs in the series. Sets range anywhere from three items in a box to 20.

As an example, Travers said one of the new sets taps Rowoco’s successful nylon kitchen tools line. The box presentation includes five nylon tools–a spatula, ladle, slotted spoon, a solid spoon and a fork–carrying an average retail price of $7.50 per set.

“By putting five tools in one box, the retailer now has a $7.50 retail versus the sale of one spatula at .75 to $1,” said Travers. “The consumer sees a boxed set of tools, and an added value.”┬áSee price and more detailed assessment of the best vegetable steamer – one of the kitchen tools are indispensable in your smart kitchen.

Travers said the program “will have application at virtually any level of distribution,” but because of Rowoco’s current retail presence, department and specialty stores will be the primary channels in the program.

Federated Department Stores, Conran’s, and Waccamaw Pottery are among some of the higher profile accounts to have signed on with the new box program, he added.


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