Rowoco Shows Colorful New Boxed Program

Rowoco Inc is introducing new packaging for its kitchen supplies. The boxed sets will group related items and feature attractive graphics illustrating the products and their use. The packaging strategy should help to increase impulse sales, because of the perceived value of boxed sets. Most of the sets will retail for $15 to $20, and the initial selection of three may be expanded to 28 by the end of...
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VAX To Build $3.2M Assembly Facility, HQ in Solon, Ohio

VAX to Build $3.2M Assembly, Facility, HQ in Solon, Ohio SOLON, Ohio–VAX Appliances Ltd., a British maker of vacuum cleaners, said it will break ground this week on a $3.2 million headquarters and assembly facility in Solon, Ohio, that should represent a new opportunity for local vendors of plastic injection moldings, small mechanical parts and other components. The Solon facility, to be completed...
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Manufacturers See Growth Potential in Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Manufacturers see growth potential in central vacuum cleaning systems For years, the market for central vacuum cleaning systems has been small and fragmented, hovering between 250,000 and 300,000 units a year–a drop in the bucket compared to the overall 10-million-unit annual vacuum cleaner business. But that may soon be about to change. Manufacturers such as Hoover and Whirlpool have entered...
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Simple Tools Can Provide Easy Solutions

Simple tools can provide easy solutions
The simplest tools can solve the minor problems of automobile repair technicians. Thexton Manufacturing’s Universal Hood/Tailgate Prop Part, for instance, props up hoods with worn cylinders. On the other hand, Lisle Corp’s alligator clips with strong ceramic magnets are ideal for putting down fender covers and hanging drop lights. Everco Industries Inc’s Total Test refrigerant tester...
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Set of construction tools. House renovation background.
Micro-niches flourish Power tool suppliers continue to introduce new lines of tools marketed to smaller niches. Over the past year, several sub-categories have grown: * Tools designed for women have moved beyond the superficial, such as “fashion” colors, to redesigned tools that are smaller and easier to handle. * Serious D-I-Yers have been targeted by several manufacturers with lines positioned...
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Service Technicians: How To Reduce Power Tool Downtime

Contractors and their service staff invest significant sums of money to buy the highest-quality power tools available. A breakdown of a saw or drill on the job, however, can create havoc in meeting a tight deadline. That’s why you should always treat power tools with respect. Otherwise poor performance, tool malfunctions, and safety hazards could result. Maintaining power tools isn’t complicated....
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Serving The Serious D-I-Yer

Highly skilled consumers expect high-end specialty products and complex project assistance There’s an increasingly sophisticated and highly skilled D-I-Yer in the market, and he is raising his standards for service and quality products, say retailers and manufacturers. To capture this customer, retailers must have the high-quality tools, expert advice and expanded services they require. Project-oriented...
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Make It Tougher For The Competition; As More Outlet Types Command Greater Shares Of Hand Tool Sales, Consider These Tips To Strengthen Your Customer Base

The trend revealed by last year’s Hardware Age Consumer Profile (December 1992) that consumer preference for mass-merchant outlets was continuing to grow at the expense of some hardlines outlets, was particularly evident in the report’s hand tools section. For the first time in the survey’s history, mass merchants showed a clear edge over hardware stores for consumers’ surveyed...
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