VAX To Build $3.2M Assembly Facility, HQ in Solon, Ohio

VAX to Build $3.2M Assembly, Facility, HQ in Solon, Ohio SOLON, Ohio–VAX Appliances Ltd., a British maker of vacuum cleaners, said it will break ground this week on a $3.2 million headquarters and assembly facility in Solon, Ohio, that should represent a new opportunity for local vendors of plastic injection moldings, small mechanical parts and other components. The Solon facility, to be completed...
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Set of construction tools. House renovation background.
Micro-niches flourish Power tool suppliers continue to introduce new lines of tools marketed to smaller niches. Over the past year, several sub-categories have grown: * Tools designed for women have moved beyond the superficial, such as “fashion” colors, to redesigned tools that are smaller and easier to handle. * Serious D-I-Yers have been targeted by several manufacturers with lines positioned...
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Service Technicians: How To Reduce Power Tool Downtime

Contractors and their service staff invest significant sums of money to buy the highest-quality power tools available. A breakdown of a saw or drill on the job, however, can create havoc in meeting a tight deadline. That’s why you should always treat power tools with respect. Otherwise poor performance, tool malfunctions, and safety hazards could result. Maintaining power tools isn’t complicated....
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Serving The Serious D-I-Yer

Highly skilled consumers expect high-end specialty products and complex project assistance There’s an increasingly sophisticated and highly skilled D-I-Yer in the market, and he is raising his standards for service and quality products, say retailers and manufacturers. To capture this customer, retailers must have the high-quality tools, expert advice and expanded services they require. Project-oriented...
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