Simple Tools Can Provide Easy Solutions

Simple tools can provide easy solutions
The simplest tools can solve the minor problems of automobile repair technicians. Thexton Manufacturing’s Universal Hood/Tailgate Prop Part, for instance, props up hoods with worn cylinders. On the other hand, Lisle Corp’s alligator clips with strong ceramic magnets are ideal for putting down fender covers and hanging drop lights. Everco Industries Inc’s Total Test refrigerant tester...
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Set of construction tools. House renovation background.
Micro-niches flourish Power tool suppliers continue to introduce new lines of tools marketed to smaller niches. Over the past year, several sub-categories have grown: * Tools designed for women have moved beyond the superficial, such as “fashion” colors, to redesigned tools that are smaller and easier to handle. * Serious D-I-Yers have been targeted by several manufacturers with lines positioned...
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